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"He is my bodyguard."
"Well, it's good to know that Your Excellency's sense of humor is still intact after such a long voyage. Well, now perhaps if we could show you to your room.."
"Minister Vitari, I wasn't joking. His name is G'Kar, and he .. he is my bodyguard. And I can find my room very well on my own, thank you."

Londo Mollari and Minister Vitari

Vitari was a Centauri minister who, during the rule of Regent Milo Virini, served in a capacity similar to that of Virini himself when he was Minister of Protocol under the late Emperor Cartagia.

Minister Vitari was the first member of the Centauri royal court to express shock and disapproval when Prime Minister Londo Mollari brought the Narn ambassador G'Kar to the royal palace as his bodyguard for the first time. Vitari found Jano seemingly hung in his living quarters, horrified. His furtive attempts to stall the pair from seeing the regent nearly brought a violent reaction from G'Kar, but Mollari managed to pacify him before the situation got out of control.[1]