The Babylon Project

Vizak was one of at least two Drazi Ambassadors assigned to Babylon 5 over the years.[1][2]


In December 2259, Vizak and the pak'ma'ra Ambassador met with Captain Sheridan to inform him that both of their territories have been invaded by the Centauri, who had so far commandeered a Drazi listening post -though they claimed to have "liberated" it- and were preparing to move on other races.

Later that week, Vizak was present in the Zen Garden, expecting to hear Sheridan's formal apology for destroying a Centauri warship that had attacked the station. While waiting with the other League and Advisory Council Ambassadors, the Core shuttle that Sheridan was travelling on exploded. With Sheridan in freefall in the central core, a being of light, looking to Vizak's eyes like Dro'shalla, suddenly appeared and rescued Sheridan from certain death before disappearing.[3]