The Babylon Project

Vladmir Tokash was an Earth Alliance Senator representing the Russian Consortium.[1]


A long time adversary of U.S. Senator Lee Crawford, in 2115 Tokash made Crawford appear foolish when his bill to upgrade the DeepProbe Network was defeated. Shortly afterwards Crawford was offered the chair of the Senate Committee on Technology and Privacy as a means of pushing him to one side. Initially considered a "do nothing" committee, it rapidly took on a much greater significance with the scientific verification of human telepaths. Tokash managed to get himself and Ledepa Koya (one of his toadies) onto the Committee with Crawford and would often clash with Crawford, even publicly criticizing his handling of the "telepath problem."

Nevertheless, Crawford gained new influence and power, even able to finally realise the Heundal project that Tokash had opposed. By 2116 it had become clear that the Technology and Privacy Committee was only a stopgap measure, so Crawford proposed a new Senate Committee on Metasensory Regulation to attend to the unique problem presented with finding a way to regulate telepaths. Vladmir very quickly made a bid for chair of the proposed committee instead of Crawford and covertly sent as trio of telepaths to tail Crawford while he attended the Heimdal probe's launch from the Von Braun Shipyard on Luna.

The teeps over p'heard his meeting with Dr. Alice Kimbrell, in which she revealed that teeps had a detectable genetic marker that proved they had not evolved naturally but had been artificially engineered. Fearing the implications for their kind the agents kidnapped the pair, intent of killing them outside the dome. After being led outside in pressure suits, Lee managed to overpower and kill the telepaths, saving one to interrogate. The would-be assassin revealed that he was working for Senator Tokash who as it turns out was himself a telepath.

Crawford contacted a very disgruntled Tokash in the middle of the night and informed him that of the genetic marker and that unless Tokash wanted his status to become public knowledge, he would pull out of the running for the new committee and begin working for Crawford as his "right hand". Defeated, Tokash and his telepaths began spying for Crawford, attempting to track down the government or corporation responsible for engineering telepaths, without success. Eventually becoming a part of the Metasensory Regulation Authority and supporting what would become known as the Crawford-Tokash act; an optional treaty for EA member states to register telepaths with the MRA.