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This article is about the Centauri from ("In the Kingdom of the Blind"). For another Centauri of the same name, see: Vole

"...everyone knows that the true source of pain is neither the hand nor the heart. It is the mouth. Is it not, minister?"

G'Kar to Minister Vole, 2262

Vole was a Centauri Minister of State during the rule of Regent Milo Virini.

Vole was an extremely ambitious man, a fact that even the Regent had to contend with. His actual plans were unknown, but it was likely he intended to replace Mollari as Prime Minister or even seize the throne of the Centauri Republic itself. It was possible he was behind the attempt to kill Londo on Babylon 5, which prompted Delenn's decision to assign G'Kar to accompany Mollari to the Royal Court as his bodyguard.[1] When Mollari came back to Centauri Prime, Vole started to make trouble by questioning his choice of a Narn for a bodyguard. Vole even gave G'Kar the opportunity to revenge himself on the guard who whipped him, but the Narn would not comply. This little scheme probably had nothing to do with G'Kar personally but was intended to embarrass Mollari by showing the others what he dared bring into the Royal Palace. Later Vole attempted to corner and assassinate Mollari by throwing a dagger at him, but this action cost him his life, thanks to a telekinetic Drakh agent, which caused the dagger to reverse and kill Vole instead, promptly disappearing afterwards.[2]


Lord Vole should not be confused with the minister of the same name who attended Londo during his inauguration.[3]