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The Vorchan class medium warship is one of the newer starships in the Centauri fleet.


Ships of this class were built by House Tavari Armaments at the Hevaria Orbital Shipyards over Tolonius VII. Usually its primarily use is as an escort for carrier fleets and as a fast interceptor. [1] [2] Though often operating in small squadrons, they are sometimes sent out alone to carry out hit-and-run tactical strikes. [2] This warship is also configured for atmospheric flight. [3] The cruiser stores oxygen reserves in its wings.[4]


The warships' weaponry consists of 2 twin plasma accelerators, missiles for planetary bombardment[2] and guided mines[5]. The plasma accelerators have been known to destroy a Narn G'Quan class heavy cruiser in as little as 6 shots. [2] This type of weapon is used by Centauri forces mainly in a configuration which causes explosive damage to the target rather than slicing through its hull. [3] The missile launchers are located within the horizontally-positioned wing structures and are capable of firing missiles in rapid succession. Guided mines are stored within the forward beak-like section. In battle, they are released through a retractable hatch on the underside of the forward section.

Other systems[]

Vorchan class cruisers are also equipped with at least 4 tractor beam emitters on the underside of the hull (behind the beak-like forward section) that are strong enough to transport a ship as big as White Star class.


Six cruisers of this type alongside several Sentri class fighters formed a fleet that escorted Emperor Turhan to Babylon 5 in 2259.

Vorchan class cruisers were a part of a small fleet of attack ships that jumped into the Quadrant 37 to quickly establish Centauri presence there after the Shadows wiped out the whole Narn colony in that sector.

Vorchan class cruisers saw heavy action in Narn-Centauri War of 2259 with a few cruisers having been present during orbital bombardment of Narn.

During Centauri War of 2262 remnants of Drakh Entire that secretly took over Centauri Republic equipped these cruisers with organic technology that made it possible to operate the warships without any people present. These ships were then sent to commit sneak attacks on the ships of member governments of Interstellar Alliance.

Additional characteristics[]

ITF icon The following is based on Babylon 5: Into the Fire.
Technical specifications
Dimensions Length 360 meters
Beam 475 meters
Draught 305 meters
Crew Officers 21
Enlisted 254
Mass 122,000 tons (loaded)

These warships are used as a complement to the large and less maneuverable Primus class battlecruisers to provide fighter cover for them. The Vorchans can be easily constructed and repaired, but their survival expectancy when critically damaged is fairly low in comparison with the Primus class battlecruiser.

Behind the Scenes[]

According to CG Artist Adam Lebowitz, the warship was designed and built mostly by himself with a little help from Paul Bryant.

"If there was any inspiration for the design, I know I wanted to do something ornate yet aggressive, which was the Centauri motif, I was probably partially thinking of the Klingon Bird Of Prey and Warship from Trek. The main design alteration were the crescent wings, which seemed more Centauri."
– Adam Lebowitz in interview with B5Scrolls talking about design process[6]

An updated version of the warship designed by CG Artist Jose Perez appeared in The Lost Tales - Voices in the Dark.[7][8]



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