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|name=Vorlon Empire
|homeworld=[[Vorlon Homeworld]]
|adversaries=[[Shadows]]<br>[[Thirdspace Aliens]]
The '''Vorlon Empire''' is the sovereign political state of the [[Vorlon]] race.
As with all things Vorlon, next to nothing is known by non-Vorlons about the Empire's governmental structure. No mention is ever made of a specific governing body or head of state, although it is known to have existed in one form or another for at least a million years. It is worth noting that representatives of the Empire seem proficent at manipulating the bureaucratic structures and governmental systems of other states. Additionally, they seem to have an ease of access when it comes to arranging bureaucratic details, such as governmental clearances and providing protection from the [[Psi Corps]] to [[Lyta Alexander]]. <ref>[[Thirdspace (movie)|"Thirdspace"]]</ref>
The Vorlons also seem to have access to any amoumt of currency they need to facilitate the practical needs of their goals such as providing housing and salary payments for Lyta Alexander while she worked as an aide to the Vorlon ambassador to Babylon 5. How the Vorlons generate revenue is unknown as they apprently don't engage in trade or commerce with other races. The Vorlon government doesn't seem to have a concept of fees, taxation or any other kind of economic structure within their culture as it is never discussed.  
[[image:White Star 9 at Vorlon Base.jpg|A Vorlon listening post|thumb|left]]
Vorlon space accounts for a significant stretch of the galaxy, though no expedition into this region by any race has ever returned. At the time the Vorlons claimed the expeditions had met with unfortunate accidents, and suggested no further missions be attempted. <ref>[ JMS post on - 4/27/1994]</ref> <ref>"[[In the Beginning]]"</ref> <ref>"[[And Now For a Word]]"</ref>
Shortly after the Vorlons' departure from the galaxy in [[2261]], a dozen or so ships were sent into their former territories by various governments. All of them were destroyed by the Vorlons' remaining auto-defense systems. Lyta Alexander believed that the Vorlons had decided that their homeworld was off-limits to the younger races until they were ready and had earned the right to go there, approximately a million years in the future. <ref>''[[The Fall of Centauri Prime]]''</ref>
That prediction would prove true when in [[1,002,261]], the [[Anla'shok]] evacuated the last records of humanity from [[Earth]] and relocated to the former Vorlon homeworld, renaming it New Earth. <ref>"[[The Deconstruction of Falling Stars]]"</ref>
==Interstellar Relations==
Official contact between the younger races and the Empire has been infrequent, with the first known contact with the [[Minbari]] occurring during the [[First Shadow War]], along with the arrival of [[Valen]] and his [[Babylon 4|great battle station]]. <ref>''[[To Dream in the City of Sorrows]]''</ref> Following the war, the Vorlons appeared to go back into seclusion and had no official contact with the Minbari until the [[2240]]s, when [[Kosh]] [[Naranek]] and [[Ulkesh]] Naranek approached [[Chosen One]] [[Dukhat]] in secret. By this time, the Vorlons were thought of by most Minbari as almost mythical beings, consigned only to ancient legends. During that period, it appears that only Dukhat himself and [[Anla'Shok Na]] [[Lenonn]] were aware of the Vorlon's presence aboard the [[Grey Council]] ship ''[[Valen'Tha]]'', a fact to which even the Council was not privy. Upon the death of Dukhat, [[Satai]] [[Delenn]] became the third person told of their presence. The Vorlons initiated contact with the [[Earth Alliance]] following the end of the [[Earth-Minbari War]] via remote transmission, and agreed to send a representative to [[Babylon 5]]. The arrival of [[Ambassador]] Kosh in [[2257]] became the first documented meeting between [[Human]]s and a Vorlon. <ref>"[[The Gathering]]"</ref>

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