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The Vorlon Fleet is the space fleet of the Vorlons.

The Fleet[]

The Vorlon fleet is a gigantic one, numbering a billion ships, dwarfing even the Shadows Fleet. Consisting of ships and structures which have been grown from living bio-matrices and nurtured into having semi-sentience. It is mostly an inactive fleet, a holdover from the time when the Vorlon fleets roamed the galaxy and did battle with the Shadows. They were never decommissioned and most of the warfleet slumbers. To activate the whole fleet, requires a billion Vorlons, as each ship requires a Vorlon, and the Vorlon population is a tiny fraction of what it used to be. Unlike the warships, the fighters can be piloted by either the Vorlons' servants or their vessels. Every planet in the Vorlon Empire, has its own garrison of ships, most of them asleep in the outer edges of the individual planetary systems.


Vorlon ships are the product of hundreds of thousands of years of evolving shipbuilding technologies. Each vessel is grown as a living being, one that possesses a semi-sentient core. That is responsible for piloting and navigating the ship, as well as its systems and fire control. Vorlon ships are based on a genetic structure that is similar to that of the telepath gene, resulting that the vessels communicate with each other and outside systems via the use of electromagnetic burst transmissions. Which can not only be used for communication but also to jam or scramble receivers. The ships glide effortlessly through space without creating a backwash or leaving an ionic signature, via a form of telekinetic/gravitic thrust.

The hull of a Vorlon ships is a living alloy that quickly regenerates, reflecting or absorbing as much damage as possible. Dead cells are sloughed off as debris, with lost cells healing in a few short minutes. Vorlon hulls learn from previous attacks, improving their ability to adapt to those attacks, therefore resulting in less damage each time. A ship's active control over the hull, allows it to subtly alter its color and texture, as well as create doors or portals. Each Vorlon ship generates incredible amounts of bio-electromagnetic energy, which are focused into specially crafted directing nodes. The electromagnetic weaponry of Vorlon warships strike hotter and harder than a hundred lightning bolts, and they do with far more accuracy and frequency. Not only will they turn a Younger Races' vessel into steam within seconds, but in a surprisingly short time will even overwhelm a Shadow vessel's energy-absorbing hull.


When it comes to combat, Vorlon fleets use instinct rather than tactics. In a battle, Vorlon ships will dart to and fro, searching for targets. Vorlon ships won't cease their attacks until the target is vapor, and with their resilience and healing capabilities, Vorlon ships can ignore nearly anything.



Planet Killers[]


  • Vorlon Motherships



Heavy Cruiser Family[]

Miscellaneous Cruisers[]

  • Vorlon Light Cruisers


Battle Destroyer Family[]

  • Vorlon Battle Destroyers
  • Vorlon Scouts
  • Vorlon Light Carriers
  • Vorlon Destroyer Escorts

Miscellaneous Destroyers[]

  • Vorlon Destroyers

Miscellaneous Ships[]

Primordial Ships[]

  • Vorlon Strike Cruisers
  • Vorlon Heavy Destroyers
  • Vorlon Assault Fighter