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"The Vorlon Homeworld is off-limits until we're ready... until we've earned the right to go there... a million years from now."

Lyta Alexander, 2262

The Vorlon Homeworld was home to the Vorlon race and capital planet of the Vorlon Empire.


Vorlon Homeworld[]

When it came to the Vorlon Homeworld, virtually nothing was known about the planet, and the only known non-Vorlons known to have been there and returned were Sebastian and Lyta Alexander.[1][2]

Vorlon medical facilities on the homeworld

In 2261, after the Battle of Coriana VI, the Vorlons left the galaxy with all the other First Ones to travel beyond the Galactic Rim.[3]

Expeditions were sent to the planet following the Vorlons' departure, none of which survived, destroyed by the automatic defence systems. Lyta Alexander has said that the Vorlon homeworld was "off limits" until the younger races were ready for the technology left on the planet.[4]

New Earth[]

In 1,002,261, having evolved into beings similar to Vorlons, humans took up residence on the Vorlon homeworld, renaming it "New Earth" when Sol was induced to go nova by parties unknown.[5]


Canonbox default.png The following is based on The Mongoose Publishing RPG books and contradicts canon sources.

(the following is from the Babylon 5 the Roleplaying Game's sourcebook: Darkness and Light)

The Planet[]

The Vorlon Homeworld is a planet, that lacks a climate and has no weather. It's a world city, from pole to pole, and from the core to the surface. It's not known if the planet is actually a planet or if it's a computer system the size of a planet, only two known people have ever been to the Vorlon homeworld - Sebastian and Lyta Alexander.[1][2] No other species has ever been to the Vorlon homeworld. Not even the Shadows have ever been able to get anything past their defenses.


Vorlon Defence Stations with disruptors that exist simultaneously in hyperspace and realspace defend the homeworld. They are at the heart of special vortices, with weapon systems that are adapted to the chaotic swirl of the surrounding vortex. An enemy firing on the station must thread this labyrinth of energies to hit the defense station. It has a Vorlon war fleet, though most of the garrison ships are asleep at the edges of the solar system. Each ship requires an actual Vorlon to activate, though there are fewer Vorlons than there are ships today, the fraction that is active stands ready to defend the homeworld. Supplementing the fleet is a Jupiter-sized hive within the system, one with a self-replicating swarm fleet, with possibly millions of self-aware ships.

To prevent the homeworld from falling into the hands of either the Shadows or the Younger Races, the sun has been booby-trapped. On command, the device, which was buried at its core, will open up jump points. Which will cause the sun to collapse and go supernova. The Vorlons have also installed a Jump Retreat System on the planet. If activated, it will open a massive vortex, drawing the planet into a specially constructed tunnel in hyperspace and delivering it onto a stable orbit around another star, one deeper within Vorlon space. They also brought a time rift that the Vorlons discovered to the system, moving it via the use of gravity fields to warp space-time. When the Vorlons left the galaxy, they activated the Time Rift defense. It froze the homeworld in time, hiding it from the Younger Races, and reappeared a million years later when the rift closed.