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The Vree are a humanoid species and one of the Younger Races. They were a member of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds and, later, the Interstellar Alliance.


Vree are relatively small humanoid beings with large black eyes, bulbous heads, and smooth hairless skin.[2] Despite their slight frame, Vree are very tough. Their bodies are entirely supported by cartilage and muscle. They appear similar to, but are distinct from, both the Streib and the Shadow Surgeons, two races who serve the Shadows.


Vree society is primarily organized into guilds which are the cultural, political and economic power bases. Secondary to this are the Vree's religious, racial and familial groupings. An individual Vree may enter a guild as they see fit, either by choosing a guild of their own liking or simply choosing the guild that their brood creche (family) belongs to while still others will just choose a guild at random.

The Vree are naturally competitive, fierce, wild, mischievous and their society is very capitalistic. Social advancement can only be achieved by making a greater profit in the current cycle than the previous, though there are no restrictions on the methods used by guild members to acquire their profit.

Vree marriages are allowed only between members of the same guild, between members of closely allied guilds or guilds in the process of negotiating such an alliance. This has been known to cause problems, the most notable being the Great Trade War. The conflict, dubbed "the Romeo and Juliet War", by Human scholars occurred when the Artists Guild forced one of its members to divorce her husband after the ongoing negotiations for an alliance with the Tacticians Guild broke down.

True to their nature Vree are habitual, or even compulsive practical jokers, taking great pleasure in their antics, and are immensely amused by their iconic nature among humans. The mere thought that a routine survey of a planet could so greatly impact Human culture is something the Vree find hysterically funny.

Their ways can often lead to friction with other races. The Gaim in particular find them especially annoying and have gone so far as to go to war with the Vree Scientist Guild over patent and copyright infringements. A certain Narn Ambassador also once described the Vrees' eating habits as horrific.[3] For their part however, the Vree pay no heed to the sensibilities of other individuals or races, finding only amusement in the frustration they cause.


Though the Vree have several religions, most worship Albendazel, the hermaphrodite trickster deity.

Notable Vree Guilds[]

  • Artists Guild
  • Entertainers Guild
  • Mercenaries Guild
  • Merchant/Adventurers Guild
  • Scientists Guild
  • Smiths Guild
  • Tacticians Guild


The Vree have advanced spacefight technology and a relatively powerful space navy for one of the League Worlds. Their most significant aspects were their speed and antimatter based weaponry.

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