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[[Category:Males|Keffer, Warren]]
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[[Category:Humans|Keffer, Warren]]
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[[Category:Babylon 5 personnel|Keffer, Warren]]

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Warren Keffer was a Starfury pilot on Babylon 5.


Near the beginning of 2259 he was involved in a standoff with the Minbari warcruiser Trigati. [1]

Later while in hyperspace he saw a strange object, black against the backdrop of hyperspace. He became determined to find out what the spacecraft really was. [2]

While Babylon 5 became a party to 25,000 GROPOS, Keffer shared his quarters with Large and Yang. These two new friends of Keffer were tragically killed in Operation Sudden Death on Akdor. [3]

Keffer used much of his off-duty time looking for the mysterious ship. [4] When this became known to the command staff, Keffer was ordered to stop. [5]

At the end of the year he discovered that it was a Shadow Battlecrab, which then destroyed his ship. The footage from his ship was released on the ISN soon afterward. [6]

Despite the ultimate price that Keffer paid for this evidence, the footage was shortly removed from syndication. [7]

Personal Life

Keffer apparently had a wife or a girlfriend back home. [1]


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