Lieutenant Warren Keffer was a Starfury pilot on Babylon 5 and a member of Zeta Wing. After the death of Zeta Leader Ray Galus, he became the new Leader. He was killed in 2259 by a Shadow Vessel.


Near the beginning of 2259 he was involved in a standoff with the Minbari warcruiser Trigati. [1]

When the explorer ship, the Explorer class ship EAS Cortez was lost in hyperspace, Keffer was one of Zeta Squadron's pilots that participated in its search. John Sheridan formulated a rescue plan, the key point of which was to create a chain of ships, so that each Zeta member was in range of the previous squadmate and this way avoided being lost. Such method was successful and the Cortez was found. However, a strange black starship suddenly appeared. Zeta Leader Ray Galus and Keffer, who were concluding the chain, collided with it. Galus died, but Keffer was lucky enough to survive, although his Starfury was badly damaged and began drifting in the hyperspace with no communication. With no other way to guide the Cortez back to Babylon 5, Keffer began shooting at the direction of the exit gate. Cortez's captain Jack Maynard understood Keffer and the Cortez returned safely along with the rest of Zeta Squadron. Keffer was presumed killed in action with Galus. [2]

Keffer soon regained control of his ship, but the exit gate's signal was lost. Suddenly, the same strange object appeared. Thinking that it might have been travelling along the same course where Babylon 5 was, Keffer followed the ship and soon returned to the station. There, he was greeted and asked to become a new Zeta Leader. Keffer accepted the offer. Following this encounter, he became determined to find out what the spacecraft really was. [2]

While Babylon 5 became a party to 25,000 GROPOS, Keffer shared his quarters with Large and Yang. These two new friends of Keffer were tragically killed in Operation Sudden Death on Akdor. [3]

Keffer used much of his off-duty time looking for the mysterious ship. [4] When this became known to the command staff, Keffer was ordered to stop. [5]

At the end of the year he discovered that it was a Shadow Vessel, which then destroyed his ship. The footage from his ship was released on the ISN soon afterward. [6]

Despite the ultimate price that Keffer paid for this evidence, the footage was shortly removed from syndication. [7]

Personal Life

Keffer apparently had a wife or a girlfriend back home. [1]


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