The Babylon Project

The Well of Forever when found in 2267 by the Excalibur.

Well of Forever is a giant mausoleum located deep within Hyperspace, far from the beacons. Over the centuries many races have brought items to rest there for all eternity, ranging from small tokens and gravestones to small pyramids and underground tombs filled with funerary goods. The Well has surface gravity and an atmosphere breathable to humans.

In 2267, Galen helped navigate the Excalibur to the location under the guise that there could be information to help counteract the Drakh plague. His actual intentions were to take the ship there so that he could leave the some of the ashes of Isabelle, his love, there.[1]

Isabelle had long believed that the Well of Forever existed, lost in Hyperspace. To celebrate her first Winter Solstice with Galen in 2258, Isabelle toasted the Well of Forever, a tradition that both her and her mother would partake in annually, with the statement, "Next year, we find it."[2]

When scans showed that the Well of Forever contained numerous valuable minerals including gold, diridium, and gemstones, and had a core of solid quantium 40, Max Eilerson wanted to give IPX its coordinates so they could exploit it for profit. Captain Gideon did not allow him to land there, and Galen erased his files before he could send the data to IPX.

According to Galen, the Well of Forever is an "open book", able to answer the most pressing questions of visitors who can listen.[1]