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Ombuds Wellington was an Earth Alliance judge located on Babylon 5.


Ombuds Wellington was one of several adjudicators on Babylon 5 who administered Earth law. He oversaw both civil suits and criminal trials, though many of the cases had to be deferred as conflicts of jurisdiction came up between the humans and aliens.

In 2258, he sentenced Thomas Jordan to probation for petty theft, provided he remained in the custody of Aldous Gajic, who had offered to rehabilitate Jordan. That same day, he was supposed to preside over a trial of Deuce, an underworld criminal on the station, but the key witness, Mirriam Runningdear, had been left near death, so he had to dismiss the charges. Deuce had Wellington kidnapped the following day, hoping to feed the honest judge to his Na'ka'leen Feeder. Wellington was spared this fate when Aldous Gajic delayed the Feeder long enough for station security to arrive and rescue him.[1] During this ordeal Wellington showed nobility, begging Gajic to save himself, rather than continue to try to stall the Feeder.

Later in the year, Wellington presided over a bench trial of Karl Mueller, accused of killing two Lurkers and a security guard. Wellington found him guilty and after conferring with Commander Jeffrey Sinclair, sentenced Mueller to the death of personality. Mueller escaped before the mindwipe could occur and was killed in Downbelow by Dr. Laura Rosen. Wellington dismissed the subsequent charges against Rosen, finding she had acted in self-defense.[2]