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The White Star 14 was a White Star class ship, part of the White Star fleet operated by the Anla'Shok.

The White Star 14 was under the command of Ranger Ericsson. The White Star 14 was sent by Ambassador Delenn to gather information about the areas that were attacked by the Shadows and the Vorlons. The White Star 14 reported of an attack by Shadow forces on a colony world. The White Star 14 sent a probe to the location and relayed the probe's information to Babylon 5. Captain John Sheridan ordered the White Star 14 to stay and keep reporting on the attack.

The White Star 14 met with other vessels sent by Captain Sheridan with orders to attack Dorak VII. The White Star 14 was sent a fake file about an allied base on Coriana VI to lure the Shadow fleet to the system. The White Star 14 was ordered to allow the file to be intercepted. The White Star 14 covered the other vessels' escape, and the White Star 14 was destroyed. During the battle, the White Star 14 destroyed numerous Shadow vessels before going down. Captain Sheridan listened to the final transmission of the White Star 14 alone in his office before going to Coriana VI.[3]

By the time of the Battle of Proxima III, another White Star had been given the designation White Star 14.[4]