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The White Star 27 was a member of the White Star class.

In 2262, the White Star 27 named Maria by Captain Enrique Montoya. The White Star 27 went to Babylon 5 on a training cruise. Lennier was assigned to the vessel for training near the Centauri border. The White Star 27 went to system with a red star giant on another training mission. The White Star 27 met with a cruiser to drop off Findell. [3]

The White Star 27 intercepted Centauri transmissions near the attacks on Interstellar Alliance ships. Lennier sent a transmission to Delenn on Babylon 5. The White Star 27 was recalled back to Babylon 5, but went with the White Star 7, White Star 12, and White Star 14 to find Lennier’s fighter. The White Star 27 went back to Babylon 5 after locating Lennier’s fighter. [4][5]