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The White Star 90 was a White Star class ship, part of the White Star fleet operated by the Anla'Shok.

In 2262, the White Star was heavily damaged by Raiders after discovering what they were doing to the Enphili home world near the border of Drazi space. The White Star managed to return to Babylon 5 though only one crew member survived just long enough to deliver the information.[3]

White Star 90

The White Star 90 in 2266

In 2266, the White Star was assigned to the Victory class destroyer project, under the authority of Michael Garibaldi. The White Star met with a Sharlin class warcruiser to pick up President John Sheridan. The White Star went to the building site of the Victory and the Excalibur.

The White Star went to Babylon 5 at the request of President Sheridan. The White Star went back to the shipyard to stop Sheridan, but arrived too late. The White Star went to Daltron VII, but arrived after the Excalibur and the Victory left the system.

The White Star received a message from President Sheridan about the situation with the Drakh, and went straight to Earth. Samuel Drake was discovered to be a Drakh agent, and was captured on the vessel. The White Star arrived too late to fight in the Drakh attack of Earth.[4]