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The White Star Prime was a White Star class ship, part of the White Star fleet operated by the Anla'Shok. Marcus Cole commanded the ship.

In 2261, the White Star Prime led two other White Star class vessels to Sector 87 to await orders from Captain John Sheridan. Captain Sheridan ordered Cole to fire on some asteroids and return to Babylon 5. The destruction of the asteroids caused controversay for the League of Non-Aligned Worlds, which caused them to allow White Star vessels to patrol their space.[3]

The White Star Prime was the flagship of the 1st White Star Squadron. The White Star Prime gathered intelligence on the ships of the Blockade of Proxima III and rushed back to Babylon 5. The White Star Prime relayed information about the blockade fleet to the station. The White Star Prime led the squadron to Proxima III as the first wave in against the Omega class destroyers.[4]