The Babylon Project

The first wave of the White Star fleet, 2260

The White Star fleet was a force of 100 - 150 or so ships built by the Minbari in secret in 2260.[1] Each ship was assigned a number rather than the more usual practice of unique names; however, some Anla'Shok Captains have chosen unofficial names for their ships.


Before the White Star 1 was fully developed three scaled down fighter sized White Star prototypes were produced in order to test the viability of mating Vorlon and Minbari technology. After a number of delays, the three ships were finished in November 2259 and they were soon put into action when they were used to prevent the Shadows from using the temporal rift in Sector 14. The three fighters were piloted by the newly qualified Ranger Cole and Ranger Sakai with Entil'Zha Sinclair piloting the third. The mission was a success, though it came at the cost of Ranger Sakai, whose fighter fell into the time distortion. Entil'Zha Sinclair's ship was hit by shrapnel which penetrated his canopy and left him with a deep scar on his cheek.[2]

The Fleet[]

  • White Star 14: Commanded by Ranger Ericsson. Dispatched along with four other White Stars to attack a Shadow base on Dorak VII. The ship and crew are intentionally sacrificed as part of a ruse to provoke the Shadows into attacking Coriana VI space at the same time the Vorlons were set to arrive in early.[8]
  • White Star 18: One of the three White Stars dispatched to Earth Alliance space as a distraction for the liberation of Proxima III.[6]
  • White Star 43: One of several White Stars assigned to monitor the Centauri border in 2262. Came upon a confrontation between Centauri and Drazi forces but was unable to make contact with Babylon 5 to call for reinforcements. Forced to confront the fleet alone it was unable to prevent the fleets from engaging in open battle.[14]
  • White Star Prime: Callsign for the lead White Star of the first squadron to arrive in hyperspace prior to the liberation of Proxima III. Commanded by Marcus Cole.[6]