The Babylon Project

Wierden was a member of the extinct Taratimude race.

She was the person responsible for forming the techno-mages into a cohesive organization around 1259.

She was still highly regarded in the 23rd century by the techno-mage order.[1] Until the resignation of Kell, the Circle of five that governed the techno-mages always included one who could be traced back to her in the line of teachers and apprentices.

While fighting the Shadows, the techno-mage Galen discovered Wierden in the bowels of Z'ha'dum, at the heart of the Eye. Wierden revealed that she had been betrayed by other techno-mages and then forced into slavery, serving as the organic central processing unit of the Eye. Shortly after being discovered by Galen, Wierden revealed that she was dying and that the Shadows ultimately desired to have Galen replace her as the central processing unit for the Eye. Once the substrates powering the Eye released their connections to Wierden and interfaced with Galen, Wierden perished.[2]