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Offer you a sandwich, if it's convenient, you'll think it's midday. The truth is fluid. The truth is subjective.William to Captain Sheridan, 2261.

William was a human torturer at the Mars Earth Alliance facility Fort Walters, in which John Sheridan was imprisoned in October 2261. [1]

William claimed to dislike physically torturing his victims. After feeding John Sheridan a poisoned corned beef sandwich, he said, "I'm sorry I had to do that. We must break your body before we can break your mind." William had eaten the other half of the same sandwich, but claimed he would not be sick because over time, he had ingested a little of the poison every day, and had since become immune.

He enjoyed corned beef sandwiches with not-too-much mustard, since too much would irritate the corners of his mouth. While eating the other half of the sandwich, John Sheridan said there was not enough mustard, perhaps merely to spite William.


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