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William was a human and rogue telepath. He became a member of Byron Gordon's group of rogue telepaths.


William followed Byron and the other telepaths to Babylon 5 in 2262.[1] He was often seen with the others. William as well as many of Byron's telepaths temporarily worked for the Interstellar Alliance in Covert Intelligence under Michael Garibaldi. He was interviewed and briefed by Garibaldi about the job.[2] When Byron rebelled against Sheridan and the Alliance scanning several ambassadors in order to blackmail them into giving them a homeworld of their own, William naturally played along but did not join the violent ones led by Thomas who chose to fight. When Byron and several others committed suicide, William was not amongst them and instead left the station remembering Byron with Lyta Alexander.[3]


Byron described him as shy and quiet but quite interesting when people got to know him.


  • William was never shown speaking.
  • He may have joined the resistance. His fate is unknown.