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William Morgan Sheppard (b. 24 August 1932-6 January 2019) is a veteran English actor. Sometimes credited as W. Morgan Sheppard he has had numerous roles in science fiction television, including several roles in the Star Trek franchise, most recently as a Vulcan Minister in J. J. Abrams' 2009 movie Star Trek.

On Babylon 5 he played an unnamed Soul Hunter in the episode of the same name and G'Kar's uncle G'Sten in "The Long, Twilight Struggle." During casting for "The Gathering," Sheppard was an extremely close runner-up for the role of Ambassador G'Kar, though the role eventually went to Andreas Katsulas.[1]

Like Christopher Neame, Robin Sachs, Guy Siner, Jim Norton, and David Warner, Sheppard has played characters in Star Trek, Doctor Who, and Babylon 5.


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