A Wind Sword assassin

The Wind Swords were the most militant of the Minbari warrior clans, noted for their distinct facial markings.[1][2]


In ancient times, the Wind Swords were a mounted force probably with an emphasis on sword fighting.[3] By the dawn of the Third Age they had become jingoistic to the point that they would do anything to defend their world, even bypassing the circles of authority.

Following the Dilgar invasion of 2232, the Wind Swords took the opportunity to shelter the war criminal Jha'dur after her people had been defeated. While in their company, she used her unique talents to create terrible weapons for them. When the Earth-Minbari War broke out, the Wind Swords presented them to the council and they learned the secret of who the Wind Swords had been harboring. In light of this fact, the Wind Swords' actions were considered deeply embarrassing to the Minbari government and were prepared to hide it regardless of the diplomatic complications it would later cause. [2]

After the war the Wind Swords split from the Minbari government and in 2257, one of their number was sent to Babylon 5 to sabotage it by framing Sinclair for the attempted murder of the newly arrived ambassador Kosh Naranek.[4][1]

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