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"When our two sides fight, they are the ones caught in the middle, forgotten, until it is their time to serve, to build, to die. They build the temples we pray in, the ships you fight in. They look to us to guide their hands. While prayers are fleeting and wars forgotten, what is built endures. They do not wish to conquer or convert, only to build the future."


The Worker Caste is one of the three Minbari castes.

They are the commercial pilots, engineers, construction workers, mapmakers, miners, welders, manufacturers,[1][2] technicians, scientists, and low-level administrators[3] of the Minbari Federation.

The language of the Worker Caste has a simple, unadorned style when compared to the dialects of the other castes and is suited to technical and scientific description.[1]

Originally, workers were held in a condition of near-slavery, but this changed when Valen elevated them to equality with the other two castes.[1] Throughout most of Minbari history, the Worker Caste has always been caught in the middle of and/or taken a back seat in the struggles within their society. While Religious and Warrior castes struggle over authority and issues of defense, the Worker Caste does the building or rebuilding in service of their policies.

Despite this, some have said that Valen did not consider the idea of Workers serving in the Anla'shok to be "unacceptable", that towards the end of the Shadow War he did indeed allow members of the Worker Caste to serve as Rangers, and that it was only after he "went beyond" that the Workers were again forbidden from being Anla'shok. Many scholars and warriors contended that there was no proof to support that belief and dismissed it as pure myth. However, with the installment of Jeffrey Sinclair as Anla'Shok Na in 2259, membership in the Anla'shok was again finally open to Minbari of all castes, including the Workers.[1]

After the Minbari Civil War, they were given more representation in the government, with five spots on the Grey Council instead of just three.

Delenn once referred to maintenance workers of Babylon 5 as "Worker Caste" as a sign of respect.[4]

Known Members[]