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World War III was a war fought on Earth, in the late 21st Century in the years 2080-2084 A.D, resulting in the loss of many lives. One result of the war was the formation of the Earth Alliance after the various supra-national states that were created in the many decades after beginning of the 21st century eventually all banded together.

Events of The War[]

Hostilities grew between two groups: The South Asia Union led by India and its allies versus the Indonesian Consortium and its allies, after the attempted annexation of several Pacific Rim nation states in South East Asia by the Indonesian Consortium, in the attempt to create one large superstate in Asia.

Pakistan began the war as part of the South Asia Union, of which India was its dominant nation state. Pakistan was invaded and coerced to join the United Islamic Nations. Pakistan withdrew from the South Asia Union and attacked India in a huge nuclear strike thinking that surprise invasion would overwhelm their former ally. New Delhi the Capital of India was damaged in the nuclear attack. Eventually Pakistan, fearing a retaliation nuclear strike from India, rebelled yet again and against its new Islamic rulers, joining India in its own resistance.

India entered the war next after a large rebellion in Pakistan began to threaten to spill over into its own sovereign territory. A nuclear weapon of some kind was used against India, but the Indian officials did not launch any retaliation until a formal investigation was complete. The Indonesia Consortium then began an invasion of Pacific Rim states in nearby south east Asia. India decided to march across the border into Burma and help Australia liberate the Pacific Rim states.

Australia, fearing the threat of a large Asian superstate to the north, entered the war later into the conflict, on the side of India and Pakistan. It launched a series of attacks on Mainland Asia, in an attempt to repel the Indonesian consortium and liberate various Pacific Rim states.


This was the first war to openly use nuclear weapons, resulting in a huge loss of life for both sides. After the conflict, there were many anti-war movements, notably on the African continent led by Morobuto, and a call for unification throughout Earth. The South Asia Union was dissolved and replaced by the Indian Consortium. The United Nations organization was officially dissolved, and its mandate such as Earth nations cannot claim extraterrestrial real estate / " The Moon Treaty " no longer applied, eventually leading to Human colonization of the solar system in the decades to follow. These movements helped towards the formation of the Earth Alliance in 2085, which put an end to large scale conflicts on Earth, though some border disputes remained.[1]

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