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Xenobiology is the study of the origin, evolution, distribution, and future of "alien" life-forms. Xenobiology makes use of physics, chemistry, astronomy, biology, molecular biology, ecology, planetary science, geography, and geology to investigate the life on other worlds and help recognize life-forms that might be different from those found on their native planets.

The Earth Alliance has a Xenobiological Research division at Earthdome.


At some point, the Vorlons visit Earth and discover the early ancestors of what would become the Human race. Like many others, they see the Vorlons as "beings of light" and believe that they are gods.[1] On a visit to Earth, the Vorlons take genetic samples from the population of Homo erectus. Repeating this process across hundreds of other worlds, they begin re-engineering the DNA from these samples to create 'nephilim' from which they harvest the Telepath genes and begin introducing it into the human population.[2]

When the Earth-Minbari War broke out in 2245, Stephen Franklin was commissioned in Earthforce. About midway through the war, he and other doctors were approached to turn over their notes on xenobiology. Franklin was approached by General Fontaine for his information regarding the Minbari, and was kept in the stockade pending his acquiescence.

In September 2248, as the last days of the war drew close, Earthforce again ordered all doctors to hand over any notes on Minbari biology for the bio-genetic warfare division. Still determined to not allow his work be perverted as a potentially genocidal weapon, on the 13th of September Franklin destroyed everything he still had on Minbari biology rather than give it up as ordered.[3][4]


  • The term Xenobiology was first coined by science fiction writer Robert Heinlein in his 1954 work The Star Beast.