Xenocuisine is the art of preparing food for alien species. It requires a basic knowledge of a given race's biochemistry to anticipate and avoid any adverse or sometimes fatal reactions to alien ingredients.[1]

The art form was first introduced on Earth in the 22nd Century after the Centauri Republic first made contact with the Earth Alliance and the resultant permanent immigration of alien species. A number of entrepreneurs - human and otherwise - began opening a variety of eateries offing food and drinks from many different planets. In 2172, after a number of deaths relating to unscrupulous operators serving food to aliens without extensive testing, Earthdome passed a number of laws regulating the serving and preparation of xenocuisine.

In 2193 Iuripae Julina, chef of the Centauri Royal Court opened what would be considered Earth's best school of xenocuisine, the Ecole de Julina (or "School of Julina").

There are two basic schools of thought in field of xenocuisine; one, considered the "Classic school" advocates the use of synthetic compounds, nano probes and genetic blockers that neutralise any harmful effects the food might cause; while the second, refereed to as the "Organic school" prefers instead to use either compatible substitute ingredients or natural blockers.


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