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The city of Yedor, 2260.

Yedor was the capital city of Minbar and the location of several off world embassies and missions.[1]

Like many Minbari cities, Yedor was made up of buildings cut from the rich crystalline deposits and also featured many magnificent waterfalls and streams with much of the architecture remaining untouched for centuries.[2][3]

In 2259, the F'hurs (mayor equivalent) of Yedor was a woman named Anoon.[1]

Much of the capital was laid waste during the Minbari Civil War in 2261, but after the end of the war and the reformation of the Grey Council, the city was restored to its former beauty.[4]

Notable Locations[]

  • Anla'shok Temple: A magnificent crystalline carved temple in a remote corner of city flanked by waterfalls. The temple was used as a shelter by the Religious Caste during the Minbari Civil War and suffered severe damage, but it was successfully rebuilt after the conflict.
  • Palace of the Chosen One: An enormous palace carved out of a crystalline mountain near the edge of the city, with every part of the surface intricately carved with historical scenes. When a Chosen One dies, the palace is emptied out for ten years of mourning.[1]