Zagros VII was a planet and Drazi colony world in Sector 801 on the border between the Drazi Freehold and the Centauri Republic, close to the former Markab Confederacy.[1]


Zagros VII was a ringed world, shrouded in bands of thick green hued cloud layers.


In late 2259 it was the site of a Ranger training camp, established with the assistance of Anla'shok Marcus Cole.[2] Its existence had become known to the Shadows and soon Morden had Lord Refa arrange a blockade of the planet to keep them there so they could be destroyed. Less than a week later the colony was surrounded by Centauri blockade mines. After two weeks, Cole escaped the blockade in a Sky Serpent launched from a Sun-Hawk piloted by Drosak, who was killed in the attempt. After making it to Babylon 5, Cole returned with Sheridan and Delenn aboard the newly completed White Star 1 and managed to clear the blockade, allowing the other Rangers to escape just before a Shadow Vessel arrived to finish them off.[1]


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