Zander Prime was the homeworld of Dureena Nafeel and her people which was destroyed by the Shadows in 2261.[1]

Though they considered themselves a neutral party during the Second Shadow War, Zander Prime had been influenced by the Vorlons enough for the Shadows to consider it a valid target. Realising their fate, the people of Zander Prime called for the aid of Babylon 5 and the Army of Light, though given the scale of the conflict, the relative remoteness of Zander Prime, the lateness at which news of their plight reached the station and the fact that at that time none of the younger races had the technology to take out a Death Cloud, no help was forthcoming.

Shortly before the Battle of Coriana VI, the planet was destroyed by the Drakh using a Death Cloud on the orders of the Shadows. Zander Prime was one of the very last planets to be destroyed until the Drakh's test-firing of a planet killer on Daltron VII.


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