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A Zarg is a sentient humanoid life-form commonly referred to as a "perfect predator." According to Michael Garibaldi, it is "one of the most dangerous aliens in the sector".

In 2256 A group of religious zealots, led by a man called Jeremiah, who worked on station construction smuggle a Zarg egg into Grey Sector, sealing themselves in with it as it hatches and grows in a bizarre effort to understand the universe through Minbari religious philosophy. This particular Zarg was killed by Garibaldi using bullets from a Slugthrower and a steam pipe. [1]


Behind the Scenes[]

It is possible that the extended knife-like fingers of the Zarg were a reference to Freddy Kruger of the Nightmare on Elm Street series, Robert Englund -- who played Freddy -- played Jeremiah in this episode.