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Zhabar is the homeworld and capital of the Drazi Freehold.


The Drazi Homeworld is noted for its particularly hot, arid climate. One year is equal to the length of 1.2 Earth years.[1]

Aside from their climate, Drazi cities are noted for their crowded, narrow streets and architecture based around small rooms with very large balconies. These are both artifacts of ancient Drazi culture where they were originally an outdoor species, going indoors only when necessary. Over time, like many other species they began living indoors, though the old styles and traditions remained. The narrow crowded streets are a result of Zhabar's long history of internal conflict with cities built to protect against invaders from entering their cities with war machines and forcing any ground troops to go two or three at a time, leaving them vulnerable to the defenders. Again, like with their balconies Drazi culture and technology have rendered such features redundant, though tradition persists in perpetuating the old styles.[2]


  • Drazi: Sentient bipedal humanoids (dominant lifeforms.)
  • Rokai:: Large ostrich-like creatures used as mounted rides.[3]



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