Zoolow is a type of fish originally native to Narn, but subsequently transplanted to Centauri Prime. As a dish, zoolow is occasionally served raw, and zoolow eggs have also been known to be used as a garnish in certain spoo recipes.

It is noted for being particularly ill tempered and difficult to catch, which, combined with its dark blotchy spots, has led certain Centauri to compare it unflatteringly to the Narn people. Zoolows have seven rows of teeth, feature a periscope red eye, and have a set of wings that allow it to leap out of the water. They have been known to grow to over three meters in length and can weigh in at over one hundred kilograms. A fisherman must be extremely cunning and skillful in order to catch one as it is liable to jump out of the water and sink its teeth into an unwary fisherman's neck.

When Londo Mollari was twelve, just after passing his first exams to enter the Centauri military academy, his father took him on his first zoolow fishing expedition. The hunt did not go well, and the captain of the fishing trawler lost one of his six sexual appendages to a zoolow.[1]


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